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Error: Relationship is not defined

<body onload = "DefineRelationship();">
<script language="javascript">
function DefineRelationship(){ try{ alert("You and I are:" + Relationship + "s"); }catch(e){ alert(e); } }
Tested in Firefox Version

Stranger, acquaintance, friend, lover…? Some relationships are best left undefined.

All Apologies

I see you standing on the levee. Dandelions mirror your gray hair. Deep in thought, you stare at the muddy water. The torrent has weakened into currents of a placated sky. You were scared to live in your youth. Now you are afraid to die. I did this to you. I refused to believe that my time will come. Dream new dreams, fulfill none. I refused to hold on to love. Not all mistakes can be undone. All that time that passed by, was life. And now it’s too late. I left you with regret, with scars, and with solitude. I’m sorry.

Asymmetric Agony

How do I get over you? You missed me, I miss you. I know I love you more, I know I love you less. Nature has a cruel sense of humor. Symmetry is in form, not in feelings. I know I need to let go. But I want to linger, savor this moment. Feel the last rays of the sun go down, before it’s all dark. I want to hold you closer, yet I know I only delay the inevitable. So, I let go. You let go. And then there will be a void within me. I’ll think about you - constantly… like a song that plays over and over and refuses to stop. An intense physical pain that only you can heal. An addiction that will enervate me. I know I have the strength to move on. I will. Days, weeks, and months will pass by. The agony will one day disappear, the memories will fade, and then, I’ll get over you.

Auto-generated 12 minutes ago

N Korea wants military talks with US. Brown denies shift away from US. Iran allows UN inspectors to visit nuclear site. Kosovo tells West to ignore Russia on independence. Pakistani Muslims burn effigies of Musharraf, 'Uncle Sam.' E3: David Reeves Talks PS3. Surgeon General Nominee Vows to Uphold Science. Appeals Court Rejects Webcaster Royalty Delay. Intel, `$100 Laptop' Project Make Peace. UCSF pursues clear vision, more cash. GE In Its Prime. Digital music players unsafe in storms. Bush Asks Patience for 'An Ugly War' After Mixed Report. Rice Says Bush Iraq Strategy Needs More Time. Valley is West Nile free - so far. Canadians on flight with TB-infected man file suit. Report: Teen Birth Rate Hits Record Low. Brain May Be Able to Suppress Memories. No News, IS Bad News.