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I closed my eyes, limiting my senses exclusively to the deliciousness of what was to come. My rabid mouth waiting to sate a craving that had only grown stronger by the hour. I could smell the richness of the caramelized sugar, feel the texture of the cake - layered in dark chocolate and caramel. The moist sponginess soaked in rum, enveloped in the gooey richness of chocolate frosting with bits of chocolate, slivers of almonds and a dollop of cream. My stomach grumbled at the unnecessary pause and I finally craved in to a desire as primal as life. My tongue played with the bits as it soaked in the flavors it had forgotten as I swallowed and felt the richness within me. My mind pulsating with the ecstasy of hunger finally sated, wandered back in time. A memory of two hopeful, lost souls sitting underneath the towering angel of victory in the city square. Guarding our treasure from lustful eyes peering out of the shadows in this city of our dreams. I opened my eyes and saw people walkin…

My Big Toe.

You were the second thing people looked at. Obstinately you poked out of my well worn shoes. I tried to curl you in, hide my shame from their judging eyes and taunts. Torn jeans spoke of liberation. You spoke only of penury. I trudged home each evening, hoping that you'd hide away. Hoping to stub you in, but you persisted. Put a foot in the door, reveal the conflict inside. From one to the other, dig my past up. Why didn't I wear shoes that restrained you? Bind you and curtail my will like Chinese girls with bleeding toes. Toe the line instead of walking my own. Ungrateful spawn in constant need. I carried a burden too heavy to bear. Shoes have a price to pay they said. Submission disguised as love. You will not buy my will, or buy my love. I walked my own road, barefoot. Bleed my feet than bleed my life.    

Pretty Ugly.

I walked among the beautiful and they walked by. I looked into their eyes but they looked away. Invisible I was to them, invisible I felt. Unsure of my existence, I walked up to a mirror and saw myself in my reflection. Beautiful on the glass and beautiful in my mind. I smirked at their naivety, they must all be blind. Mirrors don't lie. Or do they? I put a mirror to the mirror and saw myself reflected in my reflection. Saw myself as they see me. I was ugly after all.

A Dream Upon Waking.

I sleep like a fetus under the covers. Curled like a fern frond, hiding away from the light and the fear. I uncurl in the warmth of your embrace and sleep in the stillness of a dreamless night. I mesmerize you with the rhythm of my breaths and the murmur of my beating heart. Morning brought the lambent light, blinding me and breaking the trance. I feel your absence next to me, like phantom wings of a fallen angel. I curl again, kiss my knees. Brood upon a distant memory where darkness lulled me in waters deep. The lungs remember how to breathe and the heart remembers how to forget.

El Libro De Los Espíritus

What lies beyond those enigmatic brown eyes? I looked into yours, awoken from a moment of reverie. Disarmed by your gaze, I let your fingers play with the rusty spine of my life as it drew your blood. You sucked the oozing dew of red, a taste of the living iron blended with the stain of the dead. Unmindful of the foreboding preface, you turned the pages of my past. Words scribbled in the curves of innocence. You read the story that I'd written, the story that had written me. Names and places flipped by in hues of grey, black and aquamarine blue. Page by page, you unraveled my mystery. Finger prints of dirt, oil and blood. Dog ears and missing pages. Fragmented sentences and misaligned lines. Text scattered with missing commas, abrupt periods and mistakes. Words etched into the fibers of yellowed pages that smelt of summer showers and pressed flowers. Ink that refuses to run in the corrosive tears. You reached the end and shied away from my shadow of despair. Walk away knowing how…