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I see you lying on the sidewalk wrapped in a banner promising a better life at a discount. Numb to the cold and the insults, you lie forgotten and abandoned. Footsteps of strangers lull you to sleep. Their words echo in your dream as you read their mind. I wonder if you hunger for pennies, food, love, a name, or death. I stare at your shriveled body, barely wrapped in rags. Your wrinkles hold the dirt of the street, your feet black as the night. Your hair knotted and a body covered in scabs. You stank of filth, penury, defeat, hatred, and death. I looked at my reflection in the storefront and looked back at you. 'Why do you live?' You looked up at me and smiled. A half-smile of the insane and the omniscient. You. You held the secret to life. The One secret that I was never to know.