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The Castro

We walk in sync. You lead, and I wander across nameless streets. You talk, I listen and let you into my soul. You kiss, and I cave in, let you inside me. We talk, and we listen as you drift away from me. You sleep, and I still hear you breathe. Whisper truth in your dreams, that will foul like your breath in awakening. I hear your heart beat, tell tales of lovers. Your hand lies on my breast, skin that no longer feels like another. I taste like you, smell like you. Just as you do. Tonight we sleep as lovers, for tomorrow at the crossroads, you will leave me a stranger. Nameless, faceless, soulless. Like the one thousand lovers before me.

The Bridge

I see you walk out the door as I glow amber and orange in the early morning sun. Come to me and I'll warm you in the cold. I see you wait for your ride, your eyes look the other way. Come to me and I'll give you the courage to see. I see you walk in and out, play hide and seek. Come to me and you'll no longer fear. The fog blinds me, yet I'm on your mind. Come to me and you'll find peace. I see you disappear in the dark. I sparkle like your constellation brighter than your star. Come to me, I'm your destiny. I hear you walk, feel you touch the spines of steel. Come to me and I'll drown you in bliss. I see you look down, the current is strong. Come to me and you will be free. Not yet. Not yet.

The Unanswered Question

When Abel Tasman discovered this island in 1642, he called it Van Diemen's Land - Tasmania. In about 500 B.C., this philosopher was appointed minister of justice in the Chinese state of Lu - Confucius. The titles Kaiser & Czar were both derived from this earlier title - Caesar. Dating from the 16th century, goodbye is a contraction of these 4 words - God be with you. His 1742 "Aria with Thirty Variations" is usually called the "Goldberg Variations" - Bach. Coined by a 9-year-old circa 1940, it's a 1 followed by 100 zeros - Googol. Copper was named for this island where it was abundant - Cyprus. These chemicals secreted by some animals may signal alarm or attract a member of the opposite sex - Pheromones. This blue pigment was once made from crushed lapis lazuli - Ultramarine. While recovering from an illness, P.L. Travers wrote her first stories about this magical British nursemaid - Mary Poppins. This largest artery carries blood away from the heart - …