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Can't Buy Me Love

I started early. Another aimless wandering of a clueless soul. There was the sandwich bar that had the day's special. Back at the crowd, I read over a cup of green tea with a twist of lemon - "'I love walking in London,' said Mrs. Dalloway. 'Really it's better than walking in the country.'" The store next door had a sale. The street was up on sale and I was rich today. Today, I could indulge. The Chrysanthemums at the florist enthralled me like Vincent was by Sun flowers. Bought a bunch - green and white. Bought a green sweatshirt for the winter that passed by and a bunch of glitzy Tees for the years when I couldn't afford them. Bought a pair of beach sandals and a sipper. I could smell the aroma of saffron in the air. It was time to indulge - again. Stopped at the bus stop and watched the traffic go by. Flagged a cab and headed home. I unlocked the door and nudged it wide open. There was something still missing.