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SWOT Analysis

Still miss you... still want to connect the moles on your skin, run my fingers through your hair, hold you while you sleep, leave a mark on your neck, bite you, steal a kiss, come with you, wake you, wait for you, keep you waiting, flirt with you, tease you, surprise you, puzzle you, correct you, listen to you, guide you, egg you, scold you, share with you, comfort you, build you, be with you, love you.

Wish you were like before… without the lies, the pretensions, the commitments, the labels, the endless waiting, the unconsummated love, the vanity, the selfishness, the escaping, the giving, the waking up, the shouting, the silence, the wavering, the hanging on, the leaving, the calculating, the measuring, the balancing, the arguing, the explaining, the clarifying, the correcting, the breaking, the excuses, the tiring, the trying, the distance, the missing, the denying, the suspecting, the introducing, the hurting, the fucking lying, the hate.

Just like before.

What's In Your Head?

It's spring. Three seasons have passed since we met and the chill of our winter no longer gives me the goose bumps. I find your name in my phone book and hit delete. I pick up your red shirt, all wrinkled up, and add it to the ones that would shelter the homeless. Collect the shriveled flowers from the blue vase and bury them in the compost heap. I look for the book with the note you left. Would leave it at the park bench. Maybe, the one in the red shirt would find it. Pictures are easier to get rid of. I have one final look before I hit the keys. Must remember to delete the backups. A search in my inbox finds your words. They are deleted forever. Pick up your gray toothbrush and trash it. Finally, you're out of my life. But I still can’t get you out of my mind.