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The Castro

We walk in sync. You lead, and I wander across nameless streets. You talk, I listen and let you into my soul. You kiss, and I cave in, let you inside me. We talk, and we listen as you drift away from me. You sleep, and I still hear you breathe. Whisper truth in your dreams, that will foul like your breath in awakening. I hear your heart beat, tell tales of lovers. Your hand lies on my breast, skin that no longer feels like another. I taste like you, smell like you. Just as you do. Tonight we sleep as lovers, for tomorrow at the crossroads, you will leave me a stranger. Nameless, faceless, soulless. Like the one thousand lovers before me.

The Bridge

I see you walk out the door as I glow amber and orange in the early morning sun. Come to me and I'll warm you in the cold. I see you wait for your ride, your eyes look the other way. Come to me and I'll give you the courage to see. I see you walk in and out, play hide and seek. Come to me and you'll no longer fear. The fog blinds me, yet I'm on your mind. Come to me and you'll find peace. I see you disappear in the dark. I sparkle like your constellation brighter than your star. Come to me, I'm your destiny. I hear you walk, feel you touch the spines of steel. Come to me and I'll drown you in bliss. I see you look down, the current is strong. Come to me and you will be free. Not yet. Not yet.

The Unanswered Question

When Abel Tasman discovered this island in 1642, he called it Van Diemen's Land - Tasmania. In about 500 B.C., this philosopher was appointed minister of justice in the Chinese state of Lu - Confucius. The titles Kaiser & Czar were both derived from this earlier title - Caesar. Dating from the 16th century, goodbye is a contraction of these 4 words - God be with you. His 1742 "Aria with Thirty Variations" is usually called the "Goldberg Variations" - Bach. Coined by a 9-year-old circa 1940, it's a 1 followed by 100 zeros - Googol. Copper was named for this island where it was abundant - Cyprus. These chemicals secreted by some animals may signal alarm or attract a member of the opposite sex - Pheromones. This blue pigment was once made from crushed lapis lazuli - Ultramarine. While recovering from an illness, P.L. Travers wrote her first stories about this magical British nursemaid - Mary Poppins. This largest artery carries blood away from the heart - …


I've never done this before. Neither have I. I think it's too early. I'm not sure if I'm ready. I'm scared. I feel funny. Is it supposed to be like this? I always thought it would be different. Not with you. Never with you. I can do without this. Oh, I don't need this either. What about tomorrow? Yeah, today won't be the same after this. We won't be the same after this. There's no turning back. It feels right though. I feel fine. Alright, I'll do it. I'll do it. I love you. I love you.

What if...?

What if you came? What if you spoke? What if you let me in? What if you stayed? What if you loved? What if we lived? What if we hurt? What if you strayed? What if I left? What if we tried? What if we died? If only you came.


Play. Venus beckoned with her unrestrained breasts. Holding my hand as I watched the robbers seize my beloved Cossack. I headed towards him but, she held on. Tripping, I fell to the ground. I looked back at her dark eyes. Play. I headed towards him holding my wounded hand, leaving her standing. You were my cure. They stood in between us. Straighten it. I tried and recoiled in pain. I can't. Stripped, I bared my soul and all they could see was my skin. Hot oil and potions. Magic and prayers. Words and whips. Straighten it. I tried and forced it straight. Deviant laughter faded as they watched it curl in their face. Straighten it. I won't.


To you on the ledge, to you watching the waves break, to you on the bridge, to you with the gas running, to you with the slip knot, to you with the flaming match, to you with the blade at the wrist, to you with the gun at the temple, to you with the head in the bag, to you with the bitter pills, to you at the subway, to you with the detergent and acid... What are you thinking?

Welcome To My World

Situated in the center of the city, yet far from the maddening crowd. Each apartment has ample access to natural light and comes with centralized air conditioning. Multilevel car parking and in home elevators make moving in and out a breeze. Biometric access with video door phone provide you the security that guarantees a blissful night of uninterrupted sleep. Every apartment is fully furnished with a king size bed, closets, sofas, and leather recliners with armrest remote to control every appliance. The kitchen is modular and has piped gas with an electric chimney to make cooking a joy. A six speaker home theater system with a 52 inch plasma television will keep you engaged in a variety of channels and motion sensitive games. You can also use the club house with two gyms and a pool. The two spacious bathrooms are equipped with the latest luxury bath accessories. Every apartment is certified by your preferred pseudoscientific design system. Welcome to my world. 100% concrete. 0% natu…


Is that yellow? The smile turned to a grimace. Bleach should fix that. You should get your teeth aligned while you're at it. That's one fat lip. You must have been a spotty teenager. You know, you should get the hair from the back of your neck to the front of your head. Is that a gray hair? Something's wrong with your jaw - You don't have one. Does your chin have a sibling? Love handles are so uncool. Wrinkles are yuck. Your elbows are too dark. You've got scrawny legs. Whoa! Is there a drought in your feet? Metamorphosis. You look beautiful. I love you. This is not me. You don't love me.


Beep. 1 New Message. Free? Yes. Whore. Ring. Last time was hot, wanna catch up? Yes. Slut. 3 Unread Emails. Couple looking to host. Yes. Bitch. Craig’s looking for NSA at hotel. 20 miles. Yes. Hustler. Alert. 2 new profile views. Coffee? Yes. Sport. Buzz. Got place? Yes. Bitch. Smell of strangers. Sore genitals. Rising libido. Impotent body. Awesome fucks don’t sate this desire, as making love to you does. Awesome, or not.


A year has passed by and I see your phantom beckon. I smile wryly and find myself underneath the Mistletoe.  In the dark shadow, I see your face in the shallow grave. Black as your heart. My eyes falter to meet yours. A memory of the hurt and the hate. Beauty pales with time, so does love. Your gaping jaws speak the unspoken. Maggots crawl over you, writhing in slime. Your swollen fingers curled above the dirt, reaching out. Waiting for me to grasp them. To pull you out or to drag me in. The putrefying stench churns my guts. I step back, nauseated. I hear a shrill cry as I walk away. You were my life. Now you are more dead than death.

Déjà Vu

It was a moonless night. Dark as my thoughts. The river was quiet, yet not serene. I lit a candle and set it afloat. The cold water running through my fingers. I stood at the bank watching the flame dancing in the dark, twirling, fading, disappearing. Standing by the shore, I could see the flame flicker in the sharp blade. The rays of the setting Sun, the rhythmic fall of waves. I shivered at the cold touch of metal. A flick, a cry and silence - not serenity. Darkness set in before the Sun set. A single drop of tear streamed down to the ocean from eyes that could see eternity. The waves colored by blood, a surreal tinge of orange and red. Life ends, not when the pulse dies. Life ends, when the dream dies. Everything in between, is Now.

Second Mother

"Take care of these. I know you will." I looked at the pressed flowers and yellowed ticket stubs - my heirlooms. She pulled out a slip of paper from under the pillow and scribbled. Sifting through the carefully folded notes, she unfolded one. "What was his name?" I told her, for the fourth time since morning. "I don't want you to go anywhere, just stay here." I was going nowhere. "I get very restless when I leave the house. I haven't been out since summer." You need to get out Gran. "I forget things often, is there something wrong with me?" I do too, it's ok. "I feel like I'm losing my mind." She put the notes back under the pillow. Each note held a nugget of her life, a moment in time, a memory. I could see the darkness in her feeble stare - a galaxy of fading stars redrawing her zodiac with each dying star. "I don't sleep well. I'm afraid. Not that I will not wake up, but that I'll forget w…