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Human clay

I twirl with the slow movements of the wheel. Your fingers I hold. Your fingers mould me. Your sweat elevates me. Your blood hues me. Your warmth strengthens me. In you I trust. In you lie my beliefs. In me lies your promise. See me in the light. You cast me. Abandon me and I will haunt you. Hold me and I shall break. My shards will pierce you. Spill my dreams and I will be your incubus. Love me and I will be an urn. Contain you. You shall endure. I spin the wheel. I create. I’m your child. Your human clay.


Time. Your slicing hands cleave my present. I yearn to be in the virginal gardens of my fecund past. Why do I turn back to the untaken road? Refuse to look beyond it? Resist your ceaseless progress? Time, you encrust me with the patina of stillness. Erode me. Rust my resolve. I unravel, unfold and crumble to dust. Merge with the sands. My life is a ripple on your dunes. I glitter in the sidereal light of eternity. Seek my place in the constellations. I come to you amorphous. I rise like the Phoenix. My entelechy manifests as me. I’m me. Unscathed by you, I’m Complete. Time, you are my companion. I walk with you, forward and together.


Umbilical cords. I’m connected to you. Do you nourish me? Do I leech you? Can I feel a pulse of thought come my way? Have we let it shrivel and wither away? Have we severed it? Leaving wounds that bleed ceaselessly. Lovers in memory, but strangers in the light. Does the silken thread of love connect you to me, and me to you? Pull me towards you when I need you. I’ll let go when you want me to. Shut my eyes to you. Not watch you from the shadows. Open your eyes and I am there. Enclose you in my cocoon. There’s just you and there’s just me. In togetherness and in solitude, I cherish you and I long for you. Let the strings strain, vibrate and snap. Age together with knots, moments lost in motes, as we weave the caul of death. Vibrant and dull, intricate and austere, immaculate and frayed. A life of togetherness. We are connected.