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My Big Toe.

You were the second thing people looked at. Obstinately you poked out of my well worn shoes. I tried to curl you in, hide my shame from their judging eyes and taunts. Torn jeans spoke of liberation. You spoke only of penury. I trudged home each evening, hoping that you'd hide away. Hoping to stub you in, but you persisted. Put a foot in the door, reveal the conflict inside. From one to the other, dig my past up. Why didn't I wear shoes that restrained you? Bind you and curtail my will like Chinese girls with bleeding toes. Toe the line instead of walking my own. Ungrateful spawn in constant need. I carried a burden too heavy to bear. Shoes have a price to pay they said. Submission disguised as love. You will not buy my will, or buy my love. I walked my own road, barefoot. Bleed my feet than bleed my life.    

Pretty Ugly.

I walked among the beautiful and they walked by. I looked into their eyes but they looked away. Invisible I was to them, invisible I felt. Unsure of my existence, I walked up to a mirror and saw myself in my reflection. Beautiful on the glass and beautiful in my mind. I smirked at their naivety, they must all be blind. Mirrors don't lie. Or do they? I put a mirror to the mirror and saw myself reflected in my reflection. Saw myself as they see me. I was ugly after all.