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Is that yellow? The smile turned to a grimace. Bleach should fix that. You should get your teeth aligned while you're at it. That's one fat lip. You must have been a spotty teenager. You know, you should get the hair from the back of your neck to the front of your head. Is that a gray hair? Something's wrong with your jaw - You don't have one. Does your chin have a sibling? Love handles are so uncool. Wrinkles are yuck. Your elbows are too dark. You've got scrawny legs. Whoa! Is there a drought in your feet? Metamorphosis. You look beautiful. I love you. This is not me. You don't love me.


Beep. 1 New Message. Free? Yes. Whore. Ring. Last time was hot, wanna catch up? Yes. Slut. 3 Unread Emails. Couple looking to host. Yes. Bitch. Craig’s looking for NSA at hotel. 20 miles. Yes. Hustler. Alert. 2 new profile views. Coffee? Yes. Sport. Buzz. Got place? Yes. Bitch. Smell of strangers. Sore genitals. Rising libido. Impotent body. Awesome fucks don’t sate this desire, as making love to you does. Awesome, or not.