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A year has passed by and I see your phantom beckon. I smile wryly and find myself underneath the Mistletoe.  In the dark shadow, I see your face in the shallow grave. Black as your heart. My eyes falter to meet yours. A memory of the hurt and the hate. Beauty pales with time, so does love. Your gaping jaws speak the unspoken. Maggots crawl over you, writhing in slime. Your swollen fingers curled above the dirt, reaching out. Waiting for me to grasp them. To pull you out or to drag me in. The putrefying stench churns my guts. I step back, nauseated. I hear a shrill cry as I walk away. You were my life. Now you are more dead than death.

Déjà Vu

It was a moonless night. Dark as my thoughts. The river was quiet, yet not serene. I lit a candle and set it afloat. The cold water running through my fingers. I stood at the bank watching the flame dancing in the dark, twirling, fading, disappearing. Standing by the shore, I could see the flame flicker in the sharp blade. The rays of the setting Sun, the rhythmic fall of waves. I shivered at the cold touch of metal. A flick, a cry and silence - not serenity. Darkness set in before the Sun set. A single drop of tear streamed down to the ocean from eyes that could see eternity. The waves colored by blood, a surreal tinge of orange and red. Life ends, not when the pulse dies. Life ends, when the dream dies. Everything in between, is Now.

Second Mother

"Take care of these. I know you will." I looked at the pressed flowers and yellowed ticket stubs - my heirlooms. She pulled out a slip of paper from under the pillow and scribbled. Sifting through the carefully folded notes, she unfolded one. "What was his name?" I told her, for the fourth time since morning. "I don't want you to go anywhere, just stay here." I was going nowhere. "I get very restless when I leave the house. I haven't been out since summer." You need to get out Gran. "I forget things often, is there something wrong with me?" I do too, it's ok. "I feel like I'm losing my mind." She put the notes back under the pillow. Each note held a nugget of her life, a moment in time, a memory. I could see the darkness in her feeble stare - a galaxy of fading stars redrawing her zodiac with each dying star. "I don't sleep well. I'm afraid. Not that I will not wake up, but that I'll forget w…