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Waiting For Me

I stand alone. I struggle in the depths of my tears and the darkness of my fears. The sun looks dazzling from beneath the waves. I rise to it, like a moth to its doom. But it is life, I take a breath and life is a promise. I rise with the wave. I fall back. I go under. The depths are still. The depths are horrifying, yet enchanting. Deep lies the promise of release. Deep lie the dregs of the eons. Promises undone. Life is only a dream. Let me sleep. Let me dream. Life knows not to let go. The soul is its prisoner. I'll keep my promise. I see you standing alone. Alone on the rock, silhouetted against my dreams. Stay. I want to rise. Fight against the currents. Fight with the instincts. I will tame the waves. I will learn. I will reach out. Find my release, like a breath from the deep, I will rise and meet you. This is my promise to you. This is my promise to me.

beginning of the end

Here goes a thought. High on substance, low on substance. If you know what I mean, then you already know me, so you've already accepted me or rejected me, at the most stereotyped me, at the least ignored me. Return if you will, I can't promise I'll be here, but my thoughts will linger. Bytes of the zeitgeist's dust.