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Showing posts from February, 2008

The Search.

I went down to the street that began it all, the aptly named, Road Number One. Got off at the sandwich bar and headed to the video store next to it. Staring at the titles in languages I couldn’t speak, I awaited the visitor who would never arrive to share a subtle kiss that no one could see. The cashier smiled at me reading my thoughts as I read hers. I headed to the coffee shop where I sat alone facing the exit. I hate coffee or maybe the milk in it. I wander about feigning a lack of destination, seeking you in the places that we were found. Hoping to see you again so we can walk through each other. Yes. You are gone.

Jack Dempsey

“Let’s Run!” You said. And we ran, measuring the distance with each step. My long strides squeezing the life out of the sand as I ran ahead elated. I could hear my breath as I escaped an unnatural silence. I looked behind at you and hit a wall. Blood oozed out of my forehead and colored my hazy eyes as they focused on your departing silhouette. My heart kept pounding. I heard your footsteps fade away. I lost you somewhere on the way. I smiled, still reeling at the sharp taste of blood and sweat. Bring it on.

The Distance From Heaven To Hell

I leaned on the granite rock under the checkered shadow of the neem tree. The smell of lantana was strong and the book in my hand, unending. I was distracted by a fluttering noise, of paper against the wind. I looked up and saw a yellow kite, with big pink eyes, staring down at me. It was tangled in the mistletoe and struggled to break free with every little wind. A tailorbird looked at it with its head tilted. Chirping loudly, mocking it as it sought the sticky berries. Ignorant of how high the kite flew, or how it yearns to be among the hawks. It will struggle to break free, to fly again and to fight the wind. The sun will fade its vibrant colors. The twigs will shred it. And one day, it will untangle and fall to the ground. The termites will build its sepulcher. To dust will turn its dreams. Never will it fly again. No one will remember it. Next season, there will be another kite, yellow, with big pink eyes.