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Mikhael was his name. He'd always be around. I'd have endless conversations with him while the world around me slept. He'd be the one I'd play with. The one I'd turn to. Open up to, unashamed. I was a kid then. The All knowing grown ups knew I was going through a phase. Fantasize while awake. Make believe. In your head. I grew up. Mikhael is in my past. The grown ups got older. They still talk to Mikhael. They call him God.

Find Your Kind

It's over. I know you grieve for us. We chose to be together. We chose to be apart. Which was meant to be? Was it all a lie? Did I not feel your warmth? Did I not keep you waiting? Will I remember the moments that defined us, the ones that crush me within or the ones that spite me? Will I find you in my solitude? Will you see me in another? We were looking for someone else. I know I'll find another. You'll find another. I'll never find you. You'll never find me. If we do, it will be us. Again.