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The Boogeyman

I looked into the blue orb, the light dazzling on the surface. Behemoths of the deep oceans, once free, circled around entrapped forever. Chasing shadows of the surreal light, their instincts muzzled and long forgotten, dull eyes staring at creatures from another realm. I heard him before I saw him, his feet racing towards the glass as he let out a slow "Whoooooah!" of amazement. His fingers touched the glass as his eyes followed a sea turtle that emerged from beneath and headed for the surface. I stared at his amazed face, his mouth agape, eyes glimmering with the sparkle of discovery. His nose was now pressed to the thick glass that altered reality. Untouched by the world, gleaming with an aura of unsullied innocence. We both see, yet see differently. I looked into his eyes, the blue of the sky melting into them. In my head, I gouged them out and once again I saw the world through his eyes as it once was - full of beauty and wonder.