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San Francisco

This will be our last moment. A moment that will encase all the other moments. Dwarfed by the skyscrapers, my insignificance sinking in, I feel your disdain at another departing lover. I know your streets, better than the lines of fate on my palms. Your secrets hidden in nooks are now mine to keep. Your many sounds, dulcet and loud. I am your lover, yet a stranger to your people. I look up at the sky searching for the stars that would someday guide me back to you. Stars that I could not see in clear skies, now cloaked in fog. I press the button and hear the metal scrape as the elevator rises behind the glass doors. Its open doors urging me to enter the nether world. I drag my bags in, things that I couldn’t let go while letting go of things that I did not want to let go. The doors close behind me. A promise of love, life, or death that will remain unfulfilled until the day I return, to never leave again. Goodbye San Francisco.