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Life's Flavors

"What's that?"
"Lotus roots!"
"I ain't eating something that's been in muck!"
"Well you're goin hungry to bed"
"Hmm...I wish you'd gotten the flower instead"
"Onions, garlic, jalapenos and a dash of cilantro. Blend it all in"
"Let me wash that, you go slice the rest"
"Let it flow, for once, the river wont dry out"
"I'm cleaning it all right, don't come to me for bandages"
"Use the colander, you need to drain the water out"

Ring.. Ring.. Ring

"I'll get that"
Tick, chop, tick, chop, tick, chop.
"Who was it?"
"No one you know, are you done with the dicing?"
"Can you heat oil to a simmer?"
"Let me help dice the garlic. It needs to be fine for the flavor to seep in"
"Where do you hoard all the wooden spoons?"
"Umm.. behind the pans...? So, how was your day?"
"Nada especial. How was your…

Secret Garden

The vines constrict me. Their thorns bleed me slowly. I'm tied to the tree, once a promise of shelter. Sapped of it's blood, I'm naked to the sun. The hedges encircle me. We have let the weeds overrun. The seeds of love, the fruits of passion lie hollow. Love lies withered and pale. Cracked lies the playground of our life. Why did we not see the winds of change? Hate and conceit. Why did we not see the wilting flowers? Indifference and arrogance. Why did we not nourish it with the mulch of togetherness? Why did we let the tears crystallize? Light the fire. Erase all that once was cherished. Let the flames lap me. Embers singe me. Kindle them with our hate. Scatter the ashes. It was our Secret Garden.


I watch the road. Each footfall echoes your arrival. I measure the closing distance between us. Your eyes veil desire in shyness. Like autumn, you shed your guise. Like spring, I discover you. A whiff of your scent. The taste of your skin. I feel the frisson of my touch. Summer's warmth radiates from you. I hear you speak in your undulating movements. I whisper desire and listen to your Siren song. The patois of forbidden love. I know you in your dark desire as I melt into you. Like the morning dew, ecstasy exudes from us. Life beats in rhythm. We fall apart. I shiver in the winter of my solitude as I await your return. I wish you'd stayed.